DFS has been legitimised!! DFS has been given DGR (deductible gift receipt) status! AND we are officially a recognised Charity. So if you would like to make a donation to DFS keep your receipt till tax time as you can include it in your return.

So how can you help?

Spend some time or money
For the decisive

Nominate how your money is spent, visit our smile files (projects)*, choose your favourite makeover and select from the shopping list. *only applies when we are working on a project

For the Indecisive

All you have to decide is how much you wish to donate and weʼll do the rest.

Spend some Time

Tell us how you can help spread the cheer. Our team of hands on helpers is built on individual specialities and interests. Just let us know what you like doing and weʼll think of a way to put you to work.


Put your money where your mouth is!!!
If you have an office full of potty mouths then weʼd love to hear from you. We have some funky swear jars that will compliment any office decor, or your kitchen bench.
 Click here to order.

Want to get involved or have a fab FUNdraising idea, contact us, we love new ideas!