Danny from Menai, NSW

COMPLETION DATE: 22 August 2015

Introducing Danny and our first sponsored room makeover.

I always struggle when writing about these amazing little people as I do not feel like their story is mine to tell. As means of necessity I will, generally to gain support for the project. Fortunately in May, Designed for Smiles received our first sponsored room donation from the very generous team at iCap. So CHEERS! to Linda, Jase and Brad from iCap for reaching out to DFS and spreading the Cheer by funding our latest room makeover for Danny.

Danny’s original submission from his adoring mother Lyn, really only a mother's story to tell.

“My dear Danny is 8 years old and has had a rough start to life. To date he has had 30 surgeries and he is a true little champion. He has Hydrocephalus (commonly known as fluid on the brain) He has a shunt to manage the hydrocephalus - some people have one shunt their whole lives, little Danny has had 9 already. He also has craniostenosis - his forehead bone had closed too early.

These two conditions work against each other and he has had to have his skull reconstructed three times. The second time, they had to remove his forehead bone to save him and left it out for six months. He had to wear a helmet 24/7. They put something similar to a breast implant in his head and we had to go to hospital each fortnight to have it injected with saline to stretch the skin so when they did the second reconstruction there was enough skin to cover it. When it was finally time to reconstruct, Danny was excited, in his words "he was going to get his head back".

He has had a heart murmur fixed, tonsils, adenoids and grommets, amongst other things.

I almost had my other two children at Sydney Children's hospital. It seemed that everytime I was due to have a baby Danny would need emergency surgery. We had to leave Danny at the Children's Hospital to go to Hurstville to give birth to our dear little Oliver, who is now 6.

When 38 weeks pregnant with Angelina, that was when they removed his forehead bone to save him.

So life has been pretty hectic, but we are blessed to have this little man in our lives and his love for life is infectious.

Linda from the Sydney Children's Hospital rang me yesterday to advise me of your wonderful business and I have been smiling ever since, very excited, these things don't happen to me generally, I am truly feeling loved.”